3rd Annual

48 Hours of Simulated Sweat, Skates and Sleeplessness!

The 3rd Annual NHL LOCK-In will be a GRUELING full 82-game season, played between anywhere from 10-30 GM’s, and countless players, over the course of the 5-7th of December, 2014

THIS YEAR Also Boasts a new addition to the Schedule… the night of the 4th, the 1st ever NHL LOCK-IN DRAFT will be held. This year, you really DO control your team!

The System of Choice: Xbox 360 AND PS3, finally.

The Game: EA Sports’ Latest Installment in the NHL Franchise, which will BE NHL15.

Players will re responsible for ensuring there’s at LEAST one player online, at all times, over the course of the 48 hrs, so please acquire CASES of redbull early.

Over the course of the SIMULCAST FEED of the players exploits,We’re Hoping to return to various donated items being auctioned off,  as well as some incentive-based donation drives, where you can snag some pretty sweet Autographed items!

Learn MORE about the Event Itself HERE!

What is the Lock-In Supporting?

Click Here to learn More about Child's Play! Child’s Play is a charity created BY Gamers, FOR Gamers, that supports a Network of over 70 Children’s Hospitals all over, Including the Alberta Children’s Hospital, CHEO and the IWK.

It was created by the brilliant men behind the MASSIVELY popular webcomic Penny Arcade , as a way to show the world that those who enjoy video games aren’t just mindless violent drones, that we actually DO give a damn.  And What a Damn We Give, when we give!

Every Year, they fulfill children’s wishlists for toys and video games that are put together by the staff that care for them at the various hospitals in which they’re treated.

Since it’s inception, through various fundraising efforts like THIS one, Child’s Play has managed to raise over 10 MILLION Dollars, and continues to smash it’s records, annually.


How Can I Help Out?

All Donations go DIRECTLY to Child’s Play, Through their proprietary donation widget:



Thank you SO MUCH for your support!



THE BIGGEST THING FOR ME, PERSONALLY:  That we raise a damned TON of money for Child’s Play. You don’t HAVE to participate in the fundraising, but I’d certainly appreciate it.

There will be SEVERAL ways for you to be able to fundraise in an almost EFFORTLESS manner, but only if you start publicizing the fact that you’re participating IN this event ASAP.   I have a multitude of VERY simple ways to get people to toss you some coin. Ask me, if you need a jumpstart!  READ MORE…